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How to choose shoes?

On average, a child's leg grows by 0.5 cm in 2 months. For a more accurate determination, observe how much your child's leg has grown over the last 2 ...


Just Kids Brands- Antibacterial technology

Most of us do not even realize that children`s feet do not just sweat, but sometimes they sweat very much. In some cases, this is normal, sometimes it...


Just Kids Brands Air Ventilation technology

Babies grow up very quickly, so before each summer season, the question arises of choosing and buying shoes. It is important to purchase high-quality ...


Just Kids Brands- Memory Foam Technology

Children are much more active, more energetic than adults. Don't believe me? Try to catch up with your baby and you will see that it is not easy at al...


Benefits of outdoor walks for children

Walking takes an important place in a child's life. During a walk, cognition of the surrounding world occurs, the child learns to communicate with pee...