Creating smiles with our beautiful, comfortable, stylish, and most importantly healthy shoes


We create children friendly healthy shoes.

We have 1000+ children wearing our products with a smile.

The Founders Story

The pioneering spirit and quest demonstrated by the legendary founder, Raffaele Lauria in 1887, in the small city of Naples, Italy, continues to inspire his nephew Raphael till this day. Raphael Lauria being the third generation continued the footwear business for over 35 years of success in the Middle East and permanently residing in Dubai. He is a footwear technician and entrepreneur with deep passion for perfection in corporate shoes.

Raphael Lauria teamed with his long friend Mr. Bharat Melwani, experienced retail professional, accountable for multi-million dollar budgets for the Landmark Group LLC and over 28 years of work experience with proven success in launching new products and new brands in Kids footwear.

Now they teamed and united their experience to create a unique kids footwear brand “ Just Kids Brands “ keeping in mind the Fashionably, Comfort and Health Technology which is missing in the market.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We have always been fond of supporting charity organizations. Our Goal at JKB is to contribute back to our community by supporting through our social media channels “Just Kids Health”, to major charity organizations.

We believe that together we can achieve a lot by helping the world in becoming a better place for children. After what our troubled world has gone through, healing the world is not a mission but a calling. We are here to answer that call.

We are ready, together with our partners to share our shoes with the less fortunate children around the world. We are donating with every pair sold. Help us to build Smiles!


Join Just Kids Brands cause

"Buy a Shoe And Give a Shoe" to needy around the globe.

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